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A Furry Distraction
A Furry Distraction

Miss Kwan

Welcome to 6th Grade!

Welcome! I am looking forward to a fun and exciting year with you - your last one as a Kaiser Knight!

You can expect the year to be challenging, productive, fun, and most definitely memorable. I am sure you have a lot of questions, so be sure to bring them on the first day of school. I am looking forward to meeting you and having you in 6th grade this year!

Renaissance Home Connect 

School Supplies

In case you would like to purchase your own school supplies, these items will be used most frequently:

  • at least 2 sharpened pencils
  • an eraser
  • 2 ballpoint pens for editing and correcting work
  • 2 wide ruled single subject spiral bound  notebooks
  • 2 two pocket paper or poly folders (Unfortunately, we will not have space for 3 ring binders)
  • zippered pencil pouch (much easier to store in desks than the pencil boxes)
  • one pair of scissors
  • 12" ruler
  • one bottle of school glue
  • a small box of crayons (if you have colored pencils, please make sure they are pre-sharpened. Occasionally we will be using fine tip markers for special projects)
  • a personal chapter book
  • personal pencil sharpener with a shavings basket attached (optional)

 Supply donations

  • package of loose leaf notebook paper (wide or college ruled)
  • pencils
  • box of facial tissue
  • Clorox/Lysol wipes
  • Wet Ones hand wipes
  • bottle of hand soap

Items to keep at home to assist with homework:

  • wide ruled loose leaf notebook paper
  • pencils
  • two pocket paper folders (any color)
Helpful Resources

Practice your typing skills at home with Typing Club!

Typing Club

SWUN Math Online Resources

SWUN Math Facts Practice

SWUN (click on the link)

  • Look for the "Students" tab on the right. Click on it, and select "Resources." 
  • Then when you are prompted for a "special class name," type in "Kwan." 
  • You can select a math unit and review the skills with practice problems or watching a short video.

Quizlet - Social Studies