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Patrick De Vusser

Helpful Websites

Through the course of the year I will post helpful websites that I feel your child can benefit from.

Due to the wide range of student ability and interests in our class, some sites may have a limited

a higher utilization than others.


Brain Pop Website

username: kaiserbp

password: student


This is an excellent site to help with the Science test Mr. Shinhofen assigned.

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This my 16th year with NMUSD and my 5th at Kaiser. I have enjoyed getting to know the highly supportive community that surrounds our school. From the highly educated and enthusiastic parents to the equally skilled education team here at Kaiser, I have been fortunate enough to serve as one of the team dedicated to your students. During this year, we will all be challenged to grow both in our learning and in our teaching! It is my sincere desire to prepare your students for the rigor and complexities of this year's studies as well as navigating their social development. I know that with your help, we will meet this goal.


Homework will be assigned as the responsibility of each student. In order to insure a consistent and and equally accessible path

for communications, each student is to copy the assignment in their homework journal.

Homework assigned is intended to reinforce skills and principles modeled, discussed, and attempted while in class. It is never

assigned as the primary learning activity. All homework is expected to be completed by the next school day in order to insure thorough understanding of the topic before proceeding.

If for some reason, your child cannot complete his or her assigned homework as a result of an emergency, please provide a brief

note to me via ClassDojo, email, or written note so I can provide additional time or assistance to him or her.

Homework is an important element of learning in my instruction.

To keep parents informed, I am utilizing "ClassDoJo", a free internet application that provides for two way communications between myself and the parents. 

Thanks for your support in this area of instruction.